Why the penis in men in the morning gets up

Erection in men is a normal and natural phenomenon associated with the structure of the body and the work of the reproductive system. Usually it occurs at the time of sexual arousal. But why men often in the morning the penis is in the erect state?

Erection is an increase in the penis that occurs due to sexual arousal.

The volume of the penis can increase 3-4 times, it becomes hot and hard. But why does this happen? The resulting nerve impulses lead to the fact that the walls of the arteries of the penis expand and relax, they receive blood that fills the cavernous bodies. In this process, muscles are involved. And spasm of some of them leads to compression of the root of the penis buy brand cialis online. Because of this, the blood remains in the penis, the outflow of it is difficult and slows down, due to which the hardness of this organ increases and its volumes increase.

But in men, an erection is not always associated with excitement. If it is spontaneous and involuntary, it is either due to irritation of certain muscle groups (those that cause compression of the root of the penis) or to the activity of the brain centers responsible for the stimulation.

Why does an erection occur in the morning?

Why do men have an erect condition in the mornings? After all, all systems and organs should rest during sleep. There are several reasons for the morning erection:

1. According to one of the versions, the cause of morning erection is hormonal activity. Thus, between 5 and 9 am the testosterone level in the blood reaches its maximum. And this male hormone plays an important role in the process of sexual arousal and causes the blood to actively pour into the penis. This is quite normal and is a sign of normal male health.

2. A full bladder is a common and frequent phenomenon. First, when it overflows to certain parts of the brain, signals are received. And the areas in which such signals arrive are located next to the center responsible for the excitation. Secondly, the overflowed and enlarged bladder puts pressure on the adjacent prostate gland. The muscles of the prostate contract, causing an erection. That’s why the penis in the morning is in erect condition.

3. There is an opinion that on awakening after sleep the body tests all systems and organs, assessing their functioning. And such testing affects the reproductive system, in particular, the penis. This assumption has scientific justification, so often doctors consider the absence of morning arousal as a deviation or violation.

4. Update the blood. Arterial blood should normally be constantly updated, such is the structure of the body. And this blood can enter the penis only under the condition of its erect condition. If the update does not occur, then there will be hypoxia (oxygen starvation), which in the future can lead to impotence. Morning excitement is especially important if a man for some reason at the moment does not lead a full and regular sex life.

5. Dreams of an erotic nature. If a representative of the stronger sex has seen an erotic dream, then his body will certainly react to this by arousal. This assumption has a rationale, but it’s not always, and not always dreams of such dreams, although most men in the morning gets a member, and it happens often.

6. Too tight underwear or active movements during sleep. If the sensitivity of the penis is increased, then it can react to any mechanical effects, even minor ones. In a dream, one can not control one’s movements, and some people are actively turning around. And if in the process of coups from one side to the other, the impact will be on the penis, it is quite possible that it will be aroused and increased in size. Approximately the same thing can happen and if the laundry is very tight.

7. Brain activity. According to this theory, an erection occurs not only in the morning, but also at night, several times a night. This is due to the fact that there are several phases of sleep. At a fast phase it is possible to observe active movements of eyeballs, muscle contractions. At such times, the activity of certain areas of the brain (for example, the variolium bridge) increases, and this activity triggers several chains of different reactions and affects the penis, leading it to an erect state.

What should I do if I have a morning erection?

Sexologists consider the morning the best time for sexual intercourse, and this is due precisely to the fact that the penis is in the erect state. The partner does not need to do anything, because a member is ready for intimacy. So you can take advantage of the situation and get into sexual contact.

If the partner is not around, then you can do nothing. The erection will pass independently in about 15-20 minutes.

What if an erection is absent in the morning?

Excitation in the morning is normal. But why does not the member get up, why does not an erection come? In some cases this is normal and is associated with the influence of a number of factors. Main reasons: Overfatigue is a big burden on the body, so with constant fatigue, some systems may fail; Nedosypy. They also have a negative effect on the work of the body; Stresses can provoke some changes and even disruptions in the work of organs and systems of the body; The disease can also cause a lack of erection in the morning.

If the morning excitement is absent under the condition of the influence of one of the negative factors and for a short time, then there is no need to panic. But a long absence of it should be an occasion to call a doctor. The expert will find out why the member does not rise, and will determine whether there are any problems with men’s health. This may be due to some diseases, disorders or features of the body. But if the penis does not get up in the morning, then it gets up at night, and it’s quite normal.

One can only add that the erect member in the morning is not a reason for experiencing, but a perfectly normal phenomenon. A lack of excitement can be the result of some pathologies or diseases. Health to all representatives of the strong half of humanity!

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