Which tonometer is right for me? Selection rules and types of devices

Tonometer is a medical device that measures blood pressure. It is available in almost every home, since blood pressure is one of the main indicators of human health. It is especially important to have this device at hand for the elderly or those who suffer from hypertension, hypotension and other cardiovascular diseases.

To date, there are four types of tonometers: mechanical, semi-automatic, automatic and mercury. Their main difference is the method of pumping air into the compressor. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages, so when buying a device should be selected personally for yourself.

Since the tonometer is a medical device, it should be bought exclusively in a pharmacy, or a specialized store of the manufacturer or in a pharmacy like other medicines such as potency pills for men, which you can buy on the website Ed-pillsss.com.

The most common type of tonometer – mechanical. Arterial pressure with its help is measured by auscultatory method. It consists of a pneumatic cuff, a pear, a mechanical manometer with a scale of numbers and an arrow, as well as a phonendoscope. It is compact and quite accurate. When measuring the pressure, air injection is performed manually with the help of a pear, and the tones are listened to with a phonendoscope. The only disadvantage of such a device is that it will be difficult to manage it alone.

With a semi-automatic tonometer is much easier to handle. It includes a cuff, a pear and a display. When measuring blood pressure, air is pumped manually, and the result is displayed on the electronic monitor. An additional function of such a tonometer is to measure the pulse. Modern devices can memorize previous results and calculate the average pressure value. The main advantages of a semi-automatic tonometer are price and ease of use. He is the “golden mean” between mechanical automatic devices.

Automatic tonometers have recently gained great popularity. They are the most compact, simple and convenient to use, because they operate fully automatically, with the help of a button and without manual inflation. The results of measurements are displayed on an electronic display. Such devices have many additional functions; motion indicators, sound signals, backlighting, memory for the last few results. Automatic tonometers have several subspecies, which are classified by the type of cuff attachment: on the shoulder joint, wrist or finger. But the last two options are not recommended for use by the elderly or those with cardiovascular diseases, because they have weak blood vessels. The most relevant such a device for active young people who lead a healthy lifestyle.

Mercury tonometers are most often used in medical institutions. They are reliable and the most accurate, but they should be handled with extreme care. Such a device consists of a scale, a stethoscope, a cuff and a pear, with the help of which air is pumped in. It can be desktop and wall-mounted. Its main disadvantage is its large weight and size.

Whatever tonometer you do not use, it should be remembered that measurements are carried out only in a calm state. You can measure the pressure in a lying or sitting position, the manometer and cuff should be at the level of the heart. It is desirable to measure blood pressure in both hands, the greater value is taken into account. To minimize errors, you should sit quietly for five minutes before. One hour before the measurement, you should not drink coffee.

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