If a man has lost his morning erection what to do

Erection in the morning happens in almost every man, not subject to stressful situations and not suffering from erectile dysfunction. The main point, according to which the erection in the mornings differs from the ordinary excitation, is that it can appear spontaneously, without any external influence. Most men are currently asleep. And many women believe that an erection in the morning is associated with some cause, for example, an erotic dream, fantasies, etc.

In reality, this is ordinary physiology, in which there is nothing romantic, moral, vulgar, etc. A healthy sexually mature man, as a rule, has an erection in the morning. If you have lost the morning erection, then this can be a signal to the body that something is wrong, and not be so. To understand why the morning erection disappeared, you need, first of all, to understand why it appears.

The reasons for the appearance of an erection in the mornings

The exact reasons why men appear an erection in the morning is not established. The scientists about this have several assumptions. According to the results of qualified studies, in a healthy young man without problems with potency buy levitra online, the penis slightly or substantially increases in size with an interval of 1.5-2 hours on average 20-60 minutes. With age, the potency, as a rule, weakens, the time intervals become longer, and the duration of swelling decreases.

These same studies have shown that the best reactions in a dream are observed in those men who are fast asleep, do not have sleep disorders that sleep without nightmares, are not subjected to stressful situations and depression.

In most cases, the morning erection is observed during the so-called phase. Fast sleep. It is during this period that people see dreams. However, the content of these dreams does not have any effect on the potency. For example, you can dream of something completely different from the topic of sex, but you can wake up with an erection. Or you can have very exciting dreams, but when you wake up, you will notice that you have lost your morning erection.

During the period of fast sleep, many active processes occur in the human brain. Some experts attribute the appearance of involuntary morning erection with them. So if you have an erection, this may be due to various sleep disorders.

Many men have an erection in the morning when their bladder is full. This reaction is a natural reflex of the body of a man to activate certain nerve endings. In fact, bladder overflow is not the most common cause of an erection in the morning.

Some doctors believe that in the morning the body of a man is most relaxed, and the potency seems to get out of his control. And supposedly for this reason, men have morning excitement. Parallel to this, there is an opinion that the potency is under the total control of the male organism, and it is in this way that it checks the operability of this system.

Thus, an unambiguous opinion about why a man appears and disappears morning erection, whether this is due to potency and what to do in such situations, is still not there. Scientists refused to conduct in-depth studies on this topic, although some time earlier such developments existed. However, it was not possible to find effective methods for solving the problem at that time. So, to give an unambiguous answer about the reasons for the loss of the morning erection is impossible, but you can recommend what to do in such situations. And first of all, it is necessary to consider the main factors that affect the potency in general and the erection in the mornings in particular.

Influence of fatigue on male potency

Life in a modern city sets its own rules. Many men get such loads, which have a negative effect on the potency and, in particular, lead to the loss of morning erection. The reason is that a man simply does not have time to regain his strength during sleep, and his body lacks energy to provide an erection, not only in the mornings, but also during sexual intercourse.

In this regard, very lucky for professional athletes. They are well aware that fatigue can accumulate in the body, and therefore effectively distribute their forces. It’s not for nothing that many athletes trainers recommend refraining from having sexual intercourse before important competitions.

Thus, if you do not have time to rest during your sleep, fatigue will add to the fatigue of a new day, which your body has accumulated over the past day. This circle can be infinite. And problems with potency indicate that you need to rest urgently. In this case, you can regain your potency in a normal state, only if you learn to rest properly. It’s easier than it seems. Only 2 rules must be observed:Go to bed no later than 10-11 pm; Sleep at least 7-8 hours.

Adhering to these recommendations, you will notice in 1-2 weeks that your potency has improved.

Effect of stress on the erection in the morning

In this case, we mean strong and long-term stresses, among the main prerequisites to which we can distinguish: Envy; Difficult expectations; Resentment; Anger; Fear.

A person becomes a hostage of his own emotions, they “burn” him from within, influencing and potency. However, to return the erection, which disappeared under the influence of stress, is simple enough. First of all, you need to tune in to the positive, learn to get maximum pleasure from each situation and be able to properly relax without harm to the body. The best that can be recommended is yoga, sports training, trips to nature, outdoor walks and other similar activities.

To quickly adjust the potency, you can perform special exercises. They are part of the yoga complex and are available for doing at home. To get rid of stress and return the full potency, it may take from a day to a month and more, depending on the specific situation.

What if the morning erection disappeared?

First of all, do not panic and wind yourself, even if the last time you saw a morning erection many months ago. To accentuate on this too much attention is not necessary. Urologists say that experiencing this can lead to very serious problems with potency. It is known that psychological problems can quickly develop into physiological problems. And in order to restore the potency, it will take a lot of time and money.

It often happens that the morning erection is present, but it is rather weak. It is necessary to know that in the body of every man there are processes called initiation. These include various kinds of unconscious processes that are controlled not by the male brain, but by the autonomic nervous system. That’s why it often happens that an erection occurs, but no excitement.

And everything can be quite different – the excitement will be, and the erection – no. In the event that in the morning the erection is not as strong as it should be, do not panic. This process is quite normal and can be periodically observed in every man.

The absence of a morning erection can be an indication that a man is too self-critical at his subconscious level. Many people are recommended to drink drugs that lower blood pressure, antidepressants may be prescribed.

At the big desire it is possible to consult with the doctor, having told to him all about an available problem. It is necessary to tell the expert about your lifestyle in recent times, about existing sleep disorders, stressful situations, bad habits, etc.

Thus, it is known that the reason for the disappearance of the morning erection may be a variety of different factors. And more often it signals that something is “wrong” – from lack of sleep to serious illnesses. Therefore, you need to carefully analyze your lifestyle and then come to any conclusions. Be healthy!

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