Body Shield: What You Need to Know About the Thyroid

The thyroid gland is a small organ located on the front of the neck that resembles a butterfly in shape. Its function is to produce hormones that regulate the metabolism in the body.

They, in turn, affect the growth and maturation of human tissues, participate in providing the body with energy, control the production of other hormones. 

Most often, problems with the work of this small but important organ are observed in women, writes magazine. For example, out of 1000 observed patients of both sexes, thyroid disease occurs in approximately 19 women and only 1 man. 

The following types of gland dysfunction exist: excessive production of hormones (hyperteriosis) and their insufficient production (hypothyroidism). The third type of disease is characterized only by morphological changes in the form of goiter or nodes on the organ, while the production of hormones is not impaired. Swelling of the face, bulging eyes, tachycardia, trembling hands (sometimes the head and the whole body), marked protrusion of the goiter are common symptoms of enlarged thyroid gland in men and women.

Patients are characterized by depression, weakness, sweating, increased metabolism, irritability, distraction. Sometimes a slight increase in temperature is recorded. In addition, female patients may experience disruptions in the menstrual cycle, early menopause.

Why are there violations in the work of this body? There are quite a few reasons, the main of which is a lack of iodine in the body. Various, sometimes surprising in their imbalance, diets as a means to lose weight at all costs deprive our body of the opportunity to eat normal, nutritious food. Plus, nervous and physical stress, hormones, immunity, poor environmental conditions …

In order for the “butterfly” not to lower its wings and give us the joy of life, one should adhere to simple rules: regularly use iodine-containing foods such as seaweed, seafood, persimmons, and nuts. Season food with iodized salt, but remember that when heated, iodine is destroyed, so it’s better to add a ready-made dish.

To preserve the beneficial properties of salt, you need to close the packaging more tightly, do not store it in moist places and consume it before the expiration date (then the salt is also suitable, but already does not contain iodine). Now food sea salt is becoming popular – it can be found on the shelves of some supermarkets.

The course of baths with sea salt or relaxation on the seashore will be useful. But iodine supplements without a doctor’s prescription is better not to use.

These funds are preventive and can protect our body from failures. If you already suffer from these symptoms – consult a doctor. Proper treatment will help establish the thyroid gland and restore your strength and optimism.

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