Symptoms and treatments for thyroid euthyroidism

The whole body depends on the quality of the thyroid gland, so deviations in its work are dangerous to health. Euthyroidism of the thyroid gland is a borderline condition in which the amount of thyroid hormones is normal, but changes are visible during ultrasound examination. Doctors do not call this condition a disease, but a euthyroid pathology. Since the patient is not worried about anything, he seeks help only after the organ has increased in size due to oncology or goiter (overgrown thyroid tissue).

What are the reasons for the development

Clinical euthyroidism is caused by a lack of iodine in the body. As a result, diffuse enlargements or cysts form on the gland. Environmental factors in a particular region are also important.

Often, pathology develops during pregnancy, when the work of the body changes. The organ may enlarge, but treatment is most often not required, since the iron is restored after childbirth.

Some autoimmune diseases can be the cause of deviations. In this case, the pathology is called autoimmune euthyroidism , which after a while turns into thyroiditis.

There is also drug euthyroidism , which develops under the influence of some kind of medication. Pathology can also be caused by inflammatory processes in the gland and a genetic predisposition.

In a child, euthyroid pathology may develop due to a genetic predisposition or a weak immune system. Most often, the deviation manifests itself as autoimmune thyroiditis (AIT). The child develops slowly physically, intelligence decreases, infectious diseases become more frequent, girls have delayed or do not appear menstruation.

Signs of euthyroidism

The patient may not notice anything for several years, therefore, he consults a doctor only after the appearance of an external defect – an increase in an organ or a change in the shape of the neck. But the symptoms still exist, they just do not pay attention. Excitability increases, a lump appears in the throat, the voice becomes hoarse, there are problems with swallowing food, the patient gets tired after the slightest nervous tension.

One of the forms of euthyroidism is nodular goiter, in which nodules (single or group) form on the gland. A blood test shows the maximum allowable values of thyroid hormones. Nodules become noticeable only in the second stage of the disease.

Although euthyroid changes are not considered a disease, they should not be left unattended! Over time, they can become dangerous!

Symptoms also depend on the stage of the disease:

  • on the first one nothing is visible, it is not palpable with fingers;
  • nothing is visible on the second, but deviations are felt during palpation;
  • on the third deviations become visible.

To make a diagnosis, the doctor examines the patient, prescribes tests for the content of thyroid and pituitary hormones, and prescribes an ultrasound examination.

Treatment Methods

What is euthyroidism ? This is a deviation, not a disease. It signals that the gland is almost unable to defend itself from negative influences. If the condition of the organ is stable, then it is enough to visit a doctor once every 6 months, balance the diet, walk more in the fresh air.

To prevent the transformation of pathology into a disease will help:

  • exclusion from the diet of sugar, bananas, potatoes, wheat, legumes, cabbage;
  • normalization of body weight;
  • gymnastics, long walks (but not in direct sunlight);
  • exclusion from life of stressful situations;
  • getting rid of intestinal dysbiosis .

How to treat euthyroid abnormalities in the first stage? The goal is to reduce the size of nodules and glands, to normalize the patient’s condition. Therefore, conservative therapy is sufficient: iodine and levothyroxine preparations . They can be prescribed both separately and in combination.

You can enhance the effect with folk remedies: increasing the consumption of seaweed (kelp) and chokeberry. It is enough to eat 50 g of fresh kelp and three teaspoons of a mixture of mountain ash with sugar every day.

Before using folk remedies, a consultation with the attending physician is required!

If the pathology has turned into AIT or a large goiter that interferes with breathing and swallowing food, surgical treatment is prescribed. Before the operation, a biopsy is necessarily done to determine if there is any oncology.

During the rehabilitation period, it is necessary to strengthen the immune system. This is especially important for women, whose thyroid gland works harder than men. The endocrine system can fail even due to stress, long-term use of hormonal drugs or antibiotics during the treatment of gynecological diseases.

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