Can a tan cause harm to the mammary gland?

In summer, every person wants to go on vacation to the south, to warm countries, where he can soak up the beach and swim in the sea. Of course, the light of the sun has a beneficial effect on the skin, the flow of metabolism, activating the production and accumulation of vitamin D. This vitamin helps to grow and renew bone tissue and ligaments. Thanks to thermal and ultraviolet radiation, organs of the endocrine system with increased hormonal activity, such as the pituitary, thyroid, ovaries, are stimulated, and metabolic processes are restored, immunity is raised, and the production of melanin, a skin enzyme that provides a dark color, is activated.

In this case, the heat and light emanating from the sun can destructively affect the human body. If you are in the sun for a long time, you can get burned, and too long exposure to the sun without any protection can cause such a dangerous oncology as skin melanoma, sunbathing with an open top can cause the same problem with the skin of the chest. 

Do I need to consult a doctor before going on vacation?

Mortality from breast cancer in Russia is one of the first places among the mortality of women in breast cancer. Over the 80s, the number of patients with breast cancer increased one and a half times. That is why it is very important, before going to Turkish and Greek beaches, to the Egyptian pyramids or to other southern countries, you should definitely visit a mammologist to exclude the possibility of malignant neoplasms in the chest. In the event that, according to the results of an ultrasound examination of the mammary glands, problems such as a cyst, fibrosis or mastopathy, which has a fibrocystic origin, localized adenosis, will be detected, a course of treatment will be required that will help to stop the pathological increase in tissue formations of the mammary gland and prevent the oncology. A timely visit to a specialist will allow you not to worry about the possible development of cancer, but to get professional advice and treatment and minimize the likelihood of cancer. 

In addition, before going to the solarium, you also need to visit a mammologist, as often after visiting such institutions, women have complaints about the appearance of pain, unnecessary seals are formed, after an ultrasound, cysts and neoplasms in the chest are often detected, requiring immediate medical attention.

Disease statistics

The most negative effect of solar radiation is precisely on the tissues that make up the mammary glands, which are vulnerable to radiation. In them, the estrogen-progesterone balance is disturbed, which causes active cell division and the development of malignant neoplasms. According to WHO in America, about 32 thousand people become ill with melanoma in one year and 6800 deaths occur. In New Zealand, 23% of melanoma occurs due to the high level of ultraviolet radiation. And the highest percentage of occurrence and, as a consequence of mortality, from this disease is recorded in Australia. Over the past few decades, the mortality rate per 100 thousand people is 2.38 cases. In America, one in eight women gets breast cancer each year and about 44,000 die. In European countries, one in ten women is diagnosed with breast cancer, 180,000 new cases of diseases with this incurable disease occur every year, and more than a third of deaths occur. 

Recommendations of specialists

Specialists recommend sunbathing only to those women who have absolutely healthy breasts or they are in a stage without diffuse cystic mastopathy. You need to do this only in a swimsuit that covers the mammary glands, with sessions of 30 minutes no more, and then swim. It is undesirable to be in the open sun at lunchtime, starting at 12 noon, because at this time of day too high solar activity is noted, it is better to hide under an umbrella or indoors and drink plenty of fluids. 

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