Obesity. Time to see an endocrinologist

If weight does not decrease with proper nutrition, good sleep and physical activity, it is time to see an endocrinologist.

Today there are more and more obese people. The situation is aggravated by a sedentary lifestyle. And it is very important to determine the cause of obesity – overeating against the background of a sedentary lifestyle or hormonal disorders. How to identify the cause of obesity? In what cases do you need to go to a dietitian and “sit down” on a diet, and in what cases do you need to undergo examination and treatment by an endocrinologist? It doesn’t matter how many extra pounds (5 or 50). Even a slight sharp increase in weight is already a reason to consult an endocrinologist. First, you need to exclude “gross” endocrine pathology, which includes, for example, thyroid disease. Then you need to examine the adrenal glands, with their hyperfunction, extra pounds also very often appear, and, especially if striae appear on the skin(stretch marks). You also need to exclude diabetes mellitus.

Overweight women, menstrual irregularities, increased facial hair, it is imperative to examine the blood for increased levels of male hormones ( hyperandrogenism ).

Obesity is a disease and can be successfully treated. First of all, you need to exclude the cause that provokes excess weight.

As you can see, it is possible to defeat obesity if you fully address this problem.

Be slim and healthy!

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