Tumor in the chest

A breast tumor is a disease that occurs in every 10 women between the ages of 13 and 80. Having found a seal in the chest, you should immediately consult a doctor, take the necessary tests, go through the examination and establish what kind of tumor.

Tumors of the breast can be benign and malignant.

Benign tumors – fibroadenomas, lipomas, angiomas – depending on the stage of development, can be treated without surgery. A large tumor is removed surgically, as it can be transformed into a malignant tumor buy nolvadex online. A benign tumor is located separately and does not significantly affect the structure and function of the mammary gland.

Fibroadenoma, occurs most often in women aged 20 to 35 years. It is a seal in the mammary gland in size from a pea to a cherry. Sometimes there are two or three tumors in one mammary gland, or in both mammary glands. This seal is attached to the breast tissue and is not soldered to the skin.

Malignant tumor, in contrast to benign, grows very quickly and destroys the structure of the mammary gland and connective tissue. Similarly, a malignant tumor becomes the cause of metastases, when other organs that are nearby are affected in a similar way. Malignant tumor – breast cancer often causes death of women aged 40 to 70 years.

In addition to the breast tumors described above, breast compressions can be caused by other diseases, such as mastitis, mastopathy, breast cysts, intraprostatic papillomas.

Causes of a tumor

The main cause of the tumor in the breast is a violation of hormonal functions of the female sexual system, as well as violations in the thyroid gland.

Similarly, the formation of a tumor can provoke inflammatory diseases of the ovaries – polycystosis, endometritis, adnexitis.

As additional risk factors can be called a long stay in stress, frequent artificial abortion, late first pregnancy, long-term use of hormonal contraceptives.


The main symptom of a breast tumor is the presence of compaction in the tissues of the breast. This seal is easy for groping hands. Tumors of large size can enlarge the chest, then visually one breast will be larger than the other. Sometimes, chest pain can be observed, especially before and during menstruation.

Another sign of a tumor can be called a discharge from the chest. The discharge can be transparent or with white layers resembling breast milk. In this case, the tumor is usually benign. If the discharge from the chest is bloody, dark brown, then it is most likely – breast cancer.

Tumor in the mammary gland, caused by a violation of the hormonal background, can affect the regularity of the menstrual cycle, as well as tighten or accelerate the onset of menopause.


Every woman who has reached puberty should regularly, at least once a month, independently examine her breasts. For examining the left breast, you need to raise your left arm behind your head, with your right hand, a centimeter is measured for the centimeter of the entire circumference of the chest, and also the axillary cavity. Similarly, the diagnosis of the right breast.

After the birth of a child, the woman should be examined by a mammalian physician for the rest of her life at least once a year. If necessary, the doctor may prescribe an ultrasound scan or an x-ray mammogram.

Remember that the earlier a tumor in the chest is detected, the more chances you have for a quick recovery.

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