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“Thanks to modern means, we can force to discard any number of kilograms of any person!” – says the largest French endocrinologist Professor Jean-Pierre Luton.

– The only thing that holds us back is an immortal will to the doctors of Hippocrates – “Do no harm!” Our task is to preserve the health and treatment of a person, and not to create conditions under which he will live two days in the guise of a mannequin, and then for the rest of his life he will suffer from incurable complications.

The same Hippocrates spoke (or the legend ascribes to him these words) that quickly lost weight is dialed with even greater speed prescribed weight loss pills.

A healthy person is much easier to gain weight than discard, and the weight gained is very strong. Moreover, natural selection for centuries has been aimed at the survival and abandonment of those people who had genes that conserved fat. Very rarely there are individuals who do not add weight, while having an enviable appetite.

Who knows, maybe with the passage of centuries, when humanity will get rid of malnutrition and hunger, which today affects the largest part of the population of our planet, nature will calm down, and all people will become graceful. Pay attention, in our days obesity is a disease of the poor and destitute.

If you calculate the caloric intake of the well-to-do strata who eat exceptionally healthy food, and the low-income McDonald’s customers – on average, the rich are higher! Organism of the poor, constantly receiving alarm signals (the chief scolded, there is no money, the roof is leaking), reacts to them as he can-many have fat accumulation.

“He will live, everything will survive!” – so, apparently, in such cases argues nature.

Hence the first conclusion; If you, sitting on raw vegetables, still recover – this is not pathology, but the norm. Especially in this sense, women are not lucky – caring for the future offspring, nature lays the belly and hips with fatty “cushions,” not caring at all how fashionable narrow mini skirts look on them! Still some one and a half centuries ago, fullness, especially among women, was considered a synonym for beauty. Nowadays everything has turned upside down!

“A real epidemic of weight loss has begun,” Professor Luton said, “French endocrinologists are much more concerned about the complications of fighting excess weight in the opinion of many young women than by treating real obesity.” An abnormal pathological condition that may even lead to death, is anorexia Refusal of food) suffers to varying degrees, every third French woman aged 15 to 25 years!

Bulimia – a wolfish appetite excruciates every second middle-aged woman. The late Princess Diana found the strength to publicly confess that she was suffering from this disease, thanks to her courage, women with bulimiae were more likely to address this problem to doctors, and we manage to help them in time. “

According to French doctors, the main role was played by … US insurance companies. Several decades ago they developed indicators of the so-called ideal weight. If your weight exceeds ideal, then you are more likely to die at an early age from cardiovascular and even cancer, they told their clients.

For increased risk, customers had to pay accordingly. The people quickly calculated that if you eat less and run more, the savings will turn out to be significant. As it sometimes happens, when it comes to money, reasonable ideas often turn into insane! “It came down to that,” continues Professor Luton, “that French doctors began to actively campaign in the press against the violence of” polished “model models. To some extent, this has worked, large firms are increasingly inviting us to present their models of women with almost normal forms. For example, L’Oreal Paris signed a contract with Claudia Schiffer, who does not suffer from anorexia.

However, the problem of excess weight exists in France. How can it be, if you are normal, as Professor Luton thinks, a woman, and everything goes for what’s called for you? First of all, do not try to reach the ideal weight! Under the influence of the medical community, even US insurance companies now use the body mass index: the weight ratio in kilograms to the height in meters, squared.

If your PMI is less than 30, leave thoughts about diets, move more, do sports. And sports – it’s not necessarily expensive simulators, the same Claudia, for example, tries never to use the elevator, but walks up the stairs and up and down. By the way, this will help improve the shape of the legs. If your BMI is between 30 and 40, you should consider a diet. Which one? “You just need to eat more!” Smiles Professor, Luton. “If your BMI is above 40, consult an endocrinologist

Get up early – before sunset, as the ancients advised. If this is not possible, somewhat revise your usual menu – cut the number of meat products in favor of fish, fry replace it with boiled or baked. Here are some tips to avoid the common dietary confusion! People who replaced butter with vegetable, believe that they lose weight. Vegetable oil has a beneficial effect on the increased content of “bad” blood cholesterol, but it is more caloric than creamy.

Contrary to the prevailing notions, there is nothing catastrophic in bread and pasta. Restriction of bread was invented by nutritionists, in order to reduce the amount of ham, cheese and butter consumed with it. The danger of macaroni is also only in the butter and cheese added to them. When you are told that you can eat meat as much as you like, it’s about fat-free and boiled meat, and not about ham and smoked sausage!

Cheese, being a product more dietary than meat, due to its higher protein content and better digestibility, simultaneously supplies much more calories into the body. Also keep in mind that a handful of salted nuts by the number of calories is not inferior to a normal dinner

It is necessary to limit the products that combine sugar and fats, – creams, cakes, chocolate. However, it is not necessary to completely exclude them from the diet, they make life happier!

Each meat dish try to combine with a large number of vegetables – raw, boiled or stewed in water with a small amount of vegetable oil. And potatoes are no more dangerous, contrary to popular belief, than any other vegetable product.

Before you start a diet, count how many calories your regular menu contains. Just keep in mind that they are counted on 100 grams of the product. The optimal regimen of weight loss is observed when the calorie reduction of the daily diet by a third. No hunger strikes and skipping the usual meal! Medical starvation is possible only under the supervision of a physician. Caloric content of the daily diet is preferably divided into four doses, and more abundant in this sense should be the first half of the day.

During the “active phase” of weight loss, when you have not yet reached the desired weight, it is desirable to use a monotonous menu. Diversity raises appetite. During the “stabilizing phase”, when the desired weight is reached, you just need to support it – everything is allowed, but in moderation. Alcoholic drinks contain a large number of calories! Liquids need to consume 2-2.5 liters per day.

Here is an example of a diet that French experts usually offer to overweight patients:

  • Breakfast (before 9am): without restriction – coffee, tea, milk, egg (no more than four eggs a week), bread, cake, fruit, cereals, lactic products, except cheese. Limit cheese, butter, cakes.
  • Lunch (up to 15 hours): without restriction – bread, pasta, cereals, vegetables, meat is not very fat, fried in a small amount of oil, fish, poultry. For dessert, fruits or lactic products, except cheese. Coffee.
  • Snack (before 5 pm): fruits, lactic products, except cheese, vegetable salad without butter, sour cream and mayonnaise.
  • Dinner (after 18 hours): tea without sugar or apple, if you are in the active phase, add a vegetable salad with a slice of bread and low-fat yogurt if you went into the stabilization phase.

Thus, you yourself see that it is necessary, and the truth is, there is a lot.

“I have to see young beautiful girls every day,” says Professor Luton, “who feel unhappy that they can not lose a few grams of excess fat in the hips or waist, in their opinion.” And every day I meet truly full women who love And loved, live an interesting life and feel truly happy. “

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