Thyroid affects color vision

Among the population of the planet there is a category of people whose color vision is impaired, this interferes with their professional life, interferes with driving, and causes many small problems like choosing clothes. The reasons for color perception disorders are many, they are not all studied. Not so long ago, a discovery was made that related a violation of color vision and the state of the thyroid gland. Initially, studies were performed on rats, some of which were healthy, and some had a deficiency of the hormone secreted by the thyroid gland.

Researchers from the institute in Frankfurt have obtained interesting results. In rats with a hormone deficiency, color vision was impaired, they could not distinguish green, and blue was the dominant color in their perception. It was found that the hormone produced by the thyroid gland plays an important role in the management of visual pigments, which make it possible to distinguish the primary colors of the spectrum.

The uniqueness of the discovery lies in the fact that it was previously believed that the state of the retina is responsible for fixing color perception. But now it has become known that throughout the life of an animal or person, color perception can change, since the state of the thyroid gland does not remain at a fixed level, and with age, hormones begin to be produced less and less, because an elderly person sees the world in a different color. in which the young man perceives it. Now these studies have made it possible for people with visual impairments with hormone therapy to restore them almost completely.

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