Prevention of diabetes mellitus

Prevention of diabetes mellitus allows you to live a long life without encountering this dangerous disease.

Several approaches are used for this:

  • proper nutrition;
  • compliance with water balance;
  • daily sufficient physical activity;
  • reducing stress levels.
  • The choice of specific measures depends on the type of disease, as it determines the main risk factors.

Prevention of type I diabetes mellitus

The first type is a chronic disease associated with impaired glucose metabolism. As a result, the main danger comes from complications that occur over time, in particular damage to the kidneys and blood vessels.

Therefore, it is important to eliminate all factors that can provoke the development of the problem, in particular:

  • do everything necessary to prevent the disease of rubella, flu, herpes and mumps;
  • ensure breastfeeding of the child up to the age of one to one and a half years;
  • exclude foods with artificial additives from the diet, giving preference to natural food.

Measures for the prevention of type II diabetes mellitus

People over the age of forty-five and those who have already had a disease in their family are at risk. In this case, it is important to undergo an examination at least once every three years to establish the level of glucose in the blood. The most important measure to prevent the development of the disease is the maintenance of optimal body weight, for which a balanced diet and physical activity are selected. The best remedy in the fight against diabetes can be bought on the website

Features of a balanced diet

Strict restriction of nutrition and exclusion of harmful products from the diet is the basis of all measures taken. In the prevention of diabetes, the diet excludes the use of sugar, reduces the amount of flour products and potatoes. Preference is given to slow carbohydrates that give a long–term feeling of satiety – legumes, leafy vegetables and cereals.

The daily diet should include greens, walnuts, tomatoes, rutabaga, bell peppers, beans and citrus fruits. The latter will also help to cope with the desire to eat sweets.

Proper water balance

Prevention of the disease also includes the use of the necessary amount of water so that there are enough elements in the body to produce insulin. The reminder for the prevention of diabetes necessarily includes the requirement to drink two glasses of still water in the morning, as well as before meals. This will give the body the necessary minimum for normal operation.

At the same time, it is necessary to avoid various sodas, tea, coffee, alcohol, as they will not provide the proper effect. As a result, there will be water in the body, but the rate of insulin production will not be high enough.

Proper physical activity and stress control

For the prevention of diabetes mellitus in children and adults, daily physical activity is necessary. The usual morning exercise with a simple set of exercises is also suitable. It will allow you to burn enough fat. It should not be exhausting, so walking up the stairs, walking in the park and active games are suitable.

Stress causes a sharp increase in pressure, which in turn has a negative effect on carbohydrate metabolism. As a result, the risk of problems with insulin production is steadily increasing. It is important to avoid stressful situations and be able to cope with them, as well as to teach this skill to children who are more prone to emotional jumps.

It is possible to prevent the disease

With such prevention of diabetes mellitus, the chance of its development is significantly reduced. When entering a risk group – problems with blood sugar or overweight, it is also necessary to check regularly with a specialist in order to prescribe the right treatment in a timely manner.

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