Influence of the thyroid gland on weight

The thyroid gland has practically no effect on weight. The effect of the thyroid gland on weight is much less than that of mayonnaise, beer, or donuts. 

What do we know about the thyroid gland?

  • That she is “the little conductor of a large organism.”
  • That it affects the metabolism.
  • That her hormones make her legs freeze and her hair falls out.

Description of the effect of the thyroid gland on human weight

The thyroid gland regulates the metabolism of the whole organism, it can speed it up, it can slow it down. All other manifestations are a consequence of metabolic changes and should be logically interconnected.

With a lack of thyroid hormones in a person, metabolism slows down. He needs fewer calories to maintain basal metabolism (basal metabolism is the expenditure of energy to maintain body function). If a person’s basal metabolic rate was 1200, and became 800, then the missing 400 kcal will be deposited on his body. 400 kcal – 44 grams of fat per day, 1,300 grams per month (1.3 kg).

With a slowdown in basal metabolism, a person becomes lethargic and apathetic and his appetite also decreases, and his intestines work slower and the amount of digestive enzymes decreases, so some of the calories simply will not be absorbed.

With a decrease in thyroid function, it is very difficult to lose weight. But one has only to normalize the level of hormones, as the same activities will give an excellent effect – the excess weight will begin to go away.

The thyroid gland can cause severe swelling that increases weight. Distinguishing weight gain due to edema from alimentary (excess food intake) set is easy. These are the only types of kilograms that will go away if a person’s hormone levels are normalized.

Fat by itself will not go away with the normalization of hormones. He can go away with the observance of elementary dietary measures, I already wrote this. Why is that? Appetite will also increase. What are 400 calories? Less than 100 grams of smoked sausage, 6-8 pieces, or even less. These are not the quantities on which something really depends. And the assimilation of the eaten will go more actively.

Thyroid disorders

If there are disorders in the thyroid gland (any: ultrasound findings, increased antibodies, increased thyroglobulin levels ), and the TSH level is normal, then weight fluctuations are not her fault. Only an increased TSH level, which means a lack of thyroid hormones (this is a negative feedback mechanism, the higher the TSH, the less thyroid hormones the thyroid produces) can be related to weight. 

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