Features of antioxidant-oxygenator cancer treatment

Some people think it’s the same thing. But oxygenation is the way of connection of the breathing mechanisms, energy pathway, while catabolism is the part of the plastic metabolism processes. Strengthening the acid substrate, we thus primarily play on the energy and respiratory instruments of the cell. Increased respiratory or oxidative processes leads to increased catabolic processes. Normally, if the system strives for stability, catabolism automatically connects anabolism: one can not exist without the other, and the system comes back into its equilibrium. But onkokletki on acidic environments are forced to destroy more than buy arimidex online.

In our case, it is important to connect both catabolism and oxygenated energy. To do this, in addition to acids, it is necessary to use a powerful antioxidant-oxygenator system. Obviously, some acids, such as amber, belong to the group of signaling substances, i.e. are metabolites of the Krebs cycle and at the same time they are genetically oriented and regulate the level of respiratory processes. Increasing the concentration of amber leads to increased respiration of cells.

So, with the help of oxygenators, we increased the respiration processes in the cells, and thanks to acids, we automatically increased the processes of catabolism. It should now answer the following question: once the catabolism has a different essence than breathing as he will begin to behave in conditions of acidic substrates? The answer to it allows us to understand the difference between oxygenators and anti — oxide ants: the first are responsible for the acceleration of energy — respiratory processes, the second-for the protection of cells from oxidative stress by radicals. In some cases, these functions are the same, so there is confusion in the concepts and misconception in the interpretation. Only the division of these similar groups by physiologically different value allows to eliminate all contradictions in the theory.

Is it possible to stimulate catabolism (in cancer cells) with the help of organic substances and acids in particular? It becomes obvious that with the help of organic acids acting on metabolic processes, it will still be difficult to cause a rapid process of catabolism in cancer cells. It is necessary to regulate not only the processes of catabolism, but also the respiratory processes.

A number of physiologically active oligomeric products of biopolymer catabolism and oxygenated derivatives of polyenic fatty acids play the role of intracellular endogenous regulators, not transported to other organs and tissues, rather than hormones. They can play the role of microvita correction of metabolic processes, while the coarse adjustment is carried out by hormones.

Normally, the increase in catabolism is determined by the need to increase the concentration of monomer substrates and acetate for the synthesis of new biopolymers and lipids, which are more consistent with the conditions of stress, as well as the need to maintain the energy of cells by burning the products of catabolism in the process of breathing. The rapid increase in the concentration of substrates for syntheses and providing them with macroergic compounds and reducing agents create conditions for the replacement of some decaying forms of biopolymers and lipids by others.

Increased catabolism of lipids and biopolymers is accompanied by:

  • changing the permeability of cell membranes to ions;
  • increase in the cytoplasm of calcium ions;
  • cytoplasmic acidification;
  • reduction of total intensity of synthesis of biopolymers and lipids;
  • synthesis of stress (shock) proteins;
  • increased breathing;
  • increasing the content of free radicals.

Thus, we see that the cells as the acid substrate increases have higher respiratory ratios. That is, here are tied not only the mechanisms of metabolism, but also breathing.

I want to draw your attention to the fact that morphine, procaine, demerol and codeine — substances with anabolic properties. As a result, these painkillers are less effective in relieving pain in cancer patients with a shift in metabolism towards increased anabolism. Usually these drugs are prescribed for pain relief after surgery. This is due to the fact that the latter cause a shift towards increased catabolism, therefore, these means can bring relief.

Next, I would like to give a list of disorders that are sometimes caused by metabolic disorders and are either catabolic or anabolic in nature.

Patients with anabolic disorders should avoid coffee, sugar, cream, soy sauce, chocolate, ice cream, alcohol and table salt with potassium substitute.

For temporary relief of anabolic pain, it is recommended to take sodium bicarbonate, eat two sardines or a spoonful of mayonnaise. Very useful sandwich with tuna and mayonnaise, preferably without the addition of lettuce.

Patients with catabolic disorders should avoid canned meat and fish products, cheese, eggs and mayonnaise. They can not drink more than one glass of alcohol, and that can be drunk only during meals. To enhance anabolism, they will need to use large amounts of sterols, which include cholesterol. Most of it is contained in the egg yolk. In order not to stimulate the deposition of lipid plaques in the vessels, it is necessary to additionally use table salt with small additions of catabolic elements-magnesium and sulfur.

Antioxidant treatment of tumor

The main task is to weaken the cancer cells in the tumor to such an extent that they themselves began to collapse. If you manage to start the mechanisms of self-destruction of the tumor, it becomes sensitive to the effects of the body’s defenses. In my proposed method, this is achieved not only by strengthening the body’s protective forces — immunity, but also by strengthening the metabolic processes in the tumor cell itself. If you create such conditions, when the tumor will prevail decomposition processes (catabolism), then over time it will destroy itself.

In 1930, German Professor Popp received the Nobel prize for the proof that malignant cells can not live in the presence of oxygen, as the main condition for their existence is an oxygen-free environment necessary for the breakdown of sugar and carbohydrates. As a result of glycolysis (splitting sugar and carbohydrates without oxygen), cancer cells receive the necessary energy for their growth and development. In the case of oxygen saturation of cells glycolysis will be impossible, tumor cells will have nothing to eat, and they will begin to die. How to saturate the environment with oxygen?

With the help of antioxidant substances. It is known that antioxidants improve oxygen consumption by the cells. Thus, the excess in the diet of the patient of substances rich in anti-oxide ants, will naturally inhibit the growth of tumors. But that alone will not be enough.

To create an overabundance of antioxidants in the body is the first step on the way to cure cancer. The task is to choose from a variety of antioxidants that can increase the oxygen consumption of cancer cells tenfold. These heavy duty antioxidants I called the oxygenators. It is the combination of a large number of oxygenators and simple organic acids that will dramatically boost catabolic destructive processes in tumor cells, which will allow us to succeed — to recover from cancer.

One of the causes of cancer is associated with weakened cellular respiration, when cells do not have enough oxygen. You can breathe arbitrarily clean air, but the cells will still suffer from oxygen starvation, if the internal environment of the body is acidic. In turn, the lack of oxygen further acidifies the body, and it turns out a vicious circle, which inevitably leads to cancer.

Experimental studies have shown a significant role of antioxidants in the treatment of cancer, as they contribute to the apoptosis (natural cell death) of cancer cells, without affecting healthy cells, weaken angiogenesis and metastatic tumor development.

Studying, for example, the mechanism of action of cyanidin-3-rutinoside (C-3-R) obtained from BlackBerry on malignant cells, the researchers found that this substance leads to the accumulation of active oxygen compounds in the mitochondria of cells. This starts the process of programmed cell death. As I mentioned above, this effect is given by antioxidants of polyphenol group, contained more in black berries (black grapes, Irga, elderberry, etc.). But other groups of antioxidants are also important: mineral (selenium) and fat-soluble (lycopene, vitamin a, IDR.).

But we will be primarily interested in those antioxidants that have the ability to saturate cancer cells with oxygen, including oxidative processes in them, which will lead to apoptosis — self-destruction of cancer cells. In order for the oxidizing process to go with increasing speed, it is necessary to include organic acids and particularly strong antioxidants — oxygenators in the patient’s diet. I have reason to believe that some substances of the polyphenol group and active chlorophylls obtained from the juice of living greens will be especially useful.

In addition, to achieve a high degree of catabolism, it is necessary to limit the intake of anabolic products. But completely exclude the anabolic part of the food can not be due to the threat of acidosis. To compensate for the lack of alkaline organic part of the food, I propose to replace them with enhanced intake of minerals. Therefore, the use of food in General should be very limited, but with active intake of oxidizing, acids and alkaline minerals.

The literature describes cases of inhibition of some cancers when using powerful antioxidants or products containing them.

Turmeric against cancer

Studies by a group of scientists from the Irish cancer center show that the beneficial properties of turmeric root can help in the treatment of gastric and esophageal cancer.

The head of the study Sharon McKenna and her colleagues proved that curcumin-an extract of bright yellow spice turmeric root-is able to destroy cancer cells in the esophagus and stomach. It is extremely important that cancer cell death occurs without damaging healthy cells.

About two years ago, researchers at the University of Alabama’s cancer center reported on their research on the molecular mechanism of curcumin’s anticancer action on prostate cancer models.

I propose to additionally connect to the treatment of turmeric powder or drugs. Obviously, it acts as an antioxidant similar to beet juice, which contains the coloring substance betaine.

All antioxidants mutually reinforce each other. Try to combine them with black walnut courses.

But with the help of antioxidants alone, the desired effect is not achieved, a whole complex of mutually reinforcing agents is needed.

To do this, remember the well-known anticancer drugs sulforaphane, indole-3 carbinol (from the juice of broccoli), thiophane. They all contain active sulfur compounds.

In recent years, the drug thiophane, recommended in Oncology, has become famous. Its therapeutic properties are associated with a powerful antioxidant effect — increased consumption of oxygen onkokletkami.

I have proposed another explanation based on the fact that the main mechanism of therapeutic action of such drugs is anti — virus. Let us examine the following example.

Experience in treating skin papillomas with garlic, infused with vodka

Papillomas are a virus. I will give the following example of treatment.

“The patient’s lip a few years ago popped something like a wart. The doctors offered to cut it out, but she refused. I decided to try the garlic infused vodka. At night, a pinch of garlic was applied to the wart and sealed with a plaster.

In the morning it was a little dark. The next night, once again put garlic, and then another — only 3 times. The wart was covered with a crust, then it dried up and disappeared, no traces left.

After some time the husband on his right cheek appeared papilloma, began to grow quickly, a month has increased to 7 mm. the Husband began to complain that when will fall on the cheek, it hurts. The woman decided to use garlic again. My husband he helped papilloma fall off”.

What can be associated with such activity of garlic against the papilloma virus? The main glycoside of garlic is allicin, which contains sulfur compounds. In addition, it is known that vitamin U, used in the treatment of gastric ulcers, gastritis and suppression of the Helicobacter virus, also contains sulfur compounds. Garlic is proposed for cleaning blood vessels from viruses that contribute to the formation of atherosclerotic plaques.

On the one hand, there is an obvious pattern in the use of allyl substances against viruses. On the other hand, the development of cancer such as leukemia, cancer of the uterus and stomach, many experts associate with viruses. From this emerges a obvious picture of the therapeutic effect of anticancer drugs sulforaphane, indole-3 carbinol, Toofan associated with inhibition of virus shareactivity substances contained in preparations.

So, seroactive substances have a double action — antiviral and antioxidant (oxygenator), which allows to include them in my method of antioxidant treatment of tumors. For example, you can take garlic with buckwheat porridge or beet juice. However, it is better to either allocate a few days a week to receive these products, or conduct a two-week clean courses.

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