Why can not I get to bed with men

The thought that in bed something can not work out can scare any man. Although in fact, this situation can happen to anyone. If, however, the incident occurred, the man asks himself the question, what went wrong. About 90% of men are accused of all partner or circumstance, although in most cases the problem is themselves. So why do men not work?

A thing like the ego makes a man feel confident or, conversely, depressed in terms of intimate life. Everyone wants to look healthy and active in front of their partner. However, in reality, some circumstances may cause so-called “misfires,” because of which men’s libido sharply decreases. If you know the reasons, then you can avoid such cases.

Any man who has encountered such a problem (especially for the first time) may lose heart and decide not to continue intimate intimacy with women Buy Generic Viagra Online. Nevertheless, this is not a way out of the problem. We need to understand ourselves and think about what happened.

As statistics show, about 40% of men believe that this is due to the physiology of the body, 40% blame the partner, 20% consider it an accident. It is these 20% that do not usually meet with this problem, because they do not focus their attention on it.

The remaining 80% of men actually have either psychological problems or problems with physical health. Sharpening his attention to what happened, the man will only aggravate his situation, which will lead to the appearance of additional complexes. And this is a serious psychological problem. Therefore, before you panic, you should calmly figure out what happened, and if the problem is still there, seek help from a specialist.

Why do men have “misfires”?

Knowing the root of the problem, you can cope with its consequences. Below you will find possible reasons for bed failure.

1. No feelings. Despite the alleged stereotype that a real man does not need feelings in order to show his abilities in bed, many have repeatedly been convinced that sex without love does not bring real satisfaction. Emotions, mutual feelings, after all, love – these are the components that are necessary even for the most hardened polygamous man in order to get sexual pleasure. Because of the lack of any emotions, an erection may not occur, or it will be very weak, it is possible to lose an erection during sexual intercourse. Even if everything goes smoothly from the point of view of physiology, neither one nor the other partner usually gets satisfaction.

2. The first unfortunate experience. It so happens that the first sexual experience is not always successful. Because of excitement or overexcitement, a man can get unnecessary stress, which leads to spasms. In turn, spasms lead to a lack of blood flow to the penis, and this, as you know, entails a weak erection or lack of it. Most often it happens that the first intimate affinity ends too early, because of what a man can develop a complex that will later cause sexual problems.

3. Temporary problems with physiology. A man has moments in his life, when due to excessive overstrain, the body’s fatigue is felt. In such moments, usually the same “misfires” usually arise because the man simply is not able to physically have sexual intercourse.

4. Mismatch of biorhythms. No matter how incredible this may sound, if the partner’s biorhythms do not coincide, then this leads to problems of a sexual nature. If one of the partners is a lark, and the second is an owl, then most often sex in an uncomfortable time for one of the partners leads to irritation and discontent. Subsequently, it grows into an intimate problem.

5. Lack of desire in one of the partners (more often in women). If a woman does not want an intimate affinity, then forcing or coercing her into it, nothing good can be achieved. Sexual intercourse, not by mutual agreement, most often brings discomfort to both partners, causing a feeling of disgust in sex. This in any case should not be allowed, otherwise with a change of sexual partner, a man can experience these feelings again and again.

6. Complexes. The complex is a term that came from such a science as psychology. Therefore, this problem is related to the psychological state of a man. Often there are fears of intimacy, when a representative of the stronger sex is afraid to impress the girl with an inferior sexual partner. As the statistics show, about 70% of all men prefer to ignore the presence of the problem, rather than turn to a professional psychologist and try to solve it.

7. Anorgasmia. This is a serious problem, which is most often a pathology. Very often a man refuses to acknowledge this and does not address a specialist on time. This pathology can have various causes:

  • Endocrine – most often diabetes and obesity;
  • Alcoholism – reduces the sensitivity of the erogenous zones responsible for obtaining sexual pleasure;
  • Mental – intimate closeness does not justify expectations;
  • Medical preparations – the use of certain medications affects both the potency and the achievement of orgasm;
  • Post-traumatic syndrome – in case of accidents, serious injuries and other serious pathologies, a change in the psychological state may occur, a side effect in this condition is a violation of erectile function;
  • Diseases of the genitourinary system are very common diseases that are also responsible for erectile dysfunction;
  • Oncology is a serious factor that influences the achievement of orgasm.

It is necessary to say that anorgasmia is a rather serious disease, which should not be taken lightly. If there is a relapse (recurrence of cases), then you need to urgently consult a specialist.

Mismatch of anatomical data of partners. In the event that the length of the penis is much less than the depth of the vaginal passage, the man may experience some discomfort during sexual intercourse. This sometimes leads to the development of a certain type of complex associated with the size of the penis. In addition, if the length of the penis significantly exceeds the depth of the vaginal passage, it causes discomfort in a woman who can simply stop further intercourse.

Sexual illiteracy. If a man does not have any notions about erogenous zones, features of physiology and other subtleties, this leads to some problems of a sexual nature. In particular, it may not be possible to achieve an orgasm or an erection. In this case it is necessary to read useful literature, gain experience, ask more experienced friends or girls about the features of sexual intercourse, and then the problem at once will simply cease to exist.

Exaggerated conceit. Probably, most men want to consider themselves “macho”, “conquerors of women’s hearts”, etc. However, when it comes to intimacy, “failure” can occur. This is usually caused by the fact that the man does not pay due attention to the feelings and the process itself, but is focused on the final result. As a result, you can get a temporary lack of erection.

As can be seen from all of the above, most of the problems of a sexual nature are not related to physiological disorders, but to the psychological component, which often men give so little attention.

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