What kind of drug bimatoprost, which is part of Kareprost?

Long and thick eyelashes – a special decoration. We buy mascara to emphasize the eyes, we impose shadows to make an expressive look. But nothing agree! – will not transform our eyes as long and thick eyelashes. What should we do to become their owners?

If nature has not rewarded with long and thick eyelashes, this is not a reason to be upset. With some effort and patience, nature can be tricked …

How to ensure that long and thick eyelashes become a charming feature of your image? It is worth remembering that eyelashes are the same hair that consists of anatomorphic protein. To make them longer and healthier, you should just take care of them in a special way. Masks, tinctures, decoctions, as well as professional tools – everything will come in handy.

If your goal is long and thick eyelashes, then it will not be superfluous to seek advice from an experienced cosmetologist. He will help to take a sober look at the situation and advise professional means for the care of eyelashes. At the same time, it is important to understand: any home procedures are only additional measures that can accelerate the growth of eyelashes and make them stronger. But to change your appearance radically, in the blink of an eye having turned fragile and dull eyelashes into long and thick, they are not capable.

It is important to remember that eyelashes are an important part of your face, they can drastically change your appearance, both with and without makeup. Take care of them regularly. Masks for eyelashes should be for you the same daily activity as brushing your teeth.

The best choice – a means for the growth of eyelashes. But in order not to be disappointed, it is important not to fall for a fake or ineffective product.

There are many tools for the growth of eyelashes. Conventionally, they can be divided into two groups: cosmetic conditioners and drugs, which include prostaglandins.

Various serums, mascaras and conditioners for the growth of eyelashes, which contain natural ingredients, can be attributed to the preparations of the first group. These tools improve the hair structure, nourish the bulbs and have a fortifying effect on the skin of the eyelids. These products include various peptides, castor, burdock and other oils, wheat proteins, vitamins, antioxidants and various plant extracts.

The second group includes means for the growth of eyelashes, which include various prostaglandins. The most popular of them can be considered Bimatoprost. This component actively affects the hair follicle, forcing it to work more actively, thereby increasing the thickness, length and thickness of the eyelashes.

Initially, prostaglandins have found their application in medicine, where they were successfully used to treat glaucoma and increased eye pressure. But after ophthalmologists noticed increased eyelash growth in their patients, they began to use these substances in cosmetology. The fact is that all conditioners for eyelashes, which are based on oils, herbal extracts and peptides, do not have such a tremendous impact on the hair follicles like prostaglandins. They only improve those hairs that you have already grown – they become softer, fluffier, dryness and dullness disappear, appearance of the eyelid skin improves. Preparations based on prostaglandins have a slightly different effect – they prolong the phase of active growth of eyelashes and awaken additional hairs to grow.

1.What is included with Bimatoprost?

If you open the instructions, you will see that Bimatoprost has 3 components:

1. Bimatoprost

2. Benzalconium chloride solution

3. Aqueous buffered vehicles


Buy Bimatoprost online in the USA, Canada and Europe under the brand name Allergan, under the brand name Lumigan (Lumigan) in the form of a drug for the treatment of glaucoma, as well as a cosmetic product for lengthening eyelashes under the brand name Latis (Latisse). Bimatoprost is a prostaglandin belonging to the group of prostamides. With prolonged use of the drug, this substance can change the cyclic phase of the growth of cilia. They will grow faster, live longer in the state of maximum growth, and then gradually fall out and grow again, being replaced by new ones.

About 30 natural prostaglandins are already known.

The actions of these compounds affect all levels of regulation of physiological functions. For example, they can change the activity of enzymes, which is the reason for the effect of Kareprost on eyelash growth.

Prostaglandins are obtained by biological and chemical means. Biologically, they are isolated from Plexaura homomalla (gorgonievye corals), as well, recent studies have shown the presence of prostaglandin in the cambium and kidneys of some tree species.

Currently, prostaglandins are being studied as a new class of drugs: they are successfully used in gynecology, in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, and in some forms of bronchial asthma.

But prostaglandins are also actively used in the beauty industry.

Benzalconium chloride solution

Benzalkoniya chloride is an antiseptic drug. It has antifungal, antiprotozoal (overwhelming activity of the simplest), local spermatocidal action. In other words, benzalkonium chloride is the substance that helps Kareprost stored for a long time and inhibits the growth and development of all kinds of fungi, viruses and bacteria inside an already open bottle. It also protects the main element – Bimatoprost from the oxidative effects of oxygen. Benzalkonium chloride has long been used with great success in the manufacture of medicines and cosmetics as the safest preservative and antiseptic.

Aqueous buffered vehicles

Aqueous buffer solution is nothing more than simple purified distilled water. Buffer solutions are used to maintain stable indicators of the environment, such as Ph, redox potential, etc.

2. Contraindications in application:

Hypersensitivity to the active substance in the composition of kareprost – bimatoprost, pregnancy, lactation.

The most frequent side effect after using the means for increasing the growth of eyelashes with bimatoprostom is itching or redness of the eyes, which is observed in about 4%. If this happens, it is worthwhile to refuse to use the drug for a while. A change in the pigmentation of the skin around the eyelashes is possible and is reversible. Increased pigmentation is associated with an increase in melanogenesis without the proliferation of melanocytes or inflammation. Side effects occur when droplets fall into the eyes or on the skin of the eyelids, so the main method of dealing with side effects is to use the drug very carefully and apply it on the roots of the eyelashes.

3. Is it a harmonious remedy or not?

To answer the question of whether Kareprost is a hormonal agent, let’s look at what hormones are.

Hormones are biologically active substances of organic nature, which are produced in the cells of the endocrine glands and enter the blood, having a regulating effect on metabolism and physiological functions.

And now let’s consider prostaglandins and bimatoprost. These are also biologically active substances contained in the organism of many living beings.

BUT! Prostaglandins are not produced by the endocrine glands, they are contained in the tissues of the body and are lipid compounds, that is, fatty acids, but not hormones.

Kareprost action is achieved not by hormonal side effects, but by changing the cyclic phase of eyelash growth.

Due to the effect of lipids on the hair follicles, the eyelashes begin to grow faster and live longer in the state of maximum growth. Moreover, with regular use, there is an additional stimulating effect on dormant bulbs, which begin to produce new shoots, due to which the number of eyelashes increases markedly. The main myth about Kareprost is its hormonal basis. Hormonal kareprost does not exist. The drug does not harm the body, even the natural state of the eyelashes (their volume and length) return some time after the cessation of the use of funds.

4. How soon will I see the effect?

Do not expect an instant effect, it is guaranteed not to be – this is for you to master eyelash extension.

This is the way the human body works, in order to activate the growth of eyelashes, the drug must first act on the hair follicles for a while, in sufficient quantities. You will see the first changes only in 2-3 weeks, and the maximum effect will be reached, approximately, in 16 weeks.

5. How long does one bottle last?

The volume of the bottle is 3 ml, the first bottle lasts for 2-2.5 months – it is provided that you use only on the cilia, not on the eyebrows and do this every evening. The second and subsequent will be enough for an average of 5 months, since it is only necessary to maintain the effect and only use 1-2 p per week.

6.How to properly use the tool?

The tool must be applied to the upper eyelid along the ciliary edge from the inner to the outer once a day. You should not use the drug as normal medical eye drops and bury it directly in the eye itself.

If you missed a little and applied the product to the entire eyelid, clean the excess surface with a damp cloth. Kareprost should be applied once a day, preferably at bedtime, on eyelids cleared of makeup, dry and devoid of cream. It is not recommended to use Kareprost on a daily basis for more than 4 months (during this time the eyelashes grow as much as possible, and long-term daily stimulation of the growth of eyelashes can hurt) After that, to maintain the effect, it is enough to apply Kareprost 1-2 times a week. -2 months (after natural exchange) lashes return to their original condition.

Improper use of the product, like any cosmetic or medicinal product, can be accompanied by unpleasant consequences. The most frequently occurring problem is bacterial infection of the eyes and it is associated with errors in the use of the drug.

This disease occurs when non-compliance with basic hygiene measures. With each purchase of Kareprost, you receive not only detailed instructions for using the product, but also an applicator for its application. But this does not mean that once you start using this applicator, you can continue to do it indefinitely.

Dust, dirt and residues – all this accumulates on the brush and can be easily brought into the eyes. And then itching, inflammation, swelling, pain …

Therefore, remember – hygiene when using Kareprost is one of the fundamental steps!

7. Does kareprost for eyebrows help?

Kareprost is initially sold as an eyelash growth drug, but it is also excellent for eyebrow growth. The developmental phases of those and other hairs are identical, therefore, there is no difference: in principle, there is no use of Careprost on the eyes or on the eyebrows. Bimatoprost (a substance that affects the hair) also absorbs into the skin and penetrates to the bulbs, stimulating their growth, awakening dreamers and increasing the growth rate.

8. Who makes this product?

The manufacturer of the drug Kareprost is the Indian company Sun Pharmaceutical Indutries.

This company is one of the leading international pharmaceutical companies specializing in the production of licensed generics.

What are generics? In simple words – these are analogues of original pharmaceutical preparations, which retain all the properties of the original product. As a rule, generics are much cheaper than their original, but in this particular case, the price does not affect their quality.

Support for the production and introduction of generics into medical practice is one of the primary tasks for today of the World Health Organization.

Careprost is a generic of the popular American drug Latisse. The cost of Latisse in the US from $ 120. It was Sun Pharmaceutical Indutries that was able to start production of synthesized Bimatoprost, which allowed Kareprost to be released and the cost of the final product was significantly reduced.

Sun Pharmaceutical Indutries, or simply reduced to Sun Pharma in just over 30 years, has evolved into an international giant with 23 factories around the world: in the USA, Hungary, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Israel, etc. The list of products manufactured by the company includes more than 200 different pharmaceutical and cosmetic products. Every year, the company presents at least four new products in each of its nine specialized areas.

Today, the company is a market leader in the field of cardiology, neurology, psychiatry, ophthalmology and orthopedics. Despite the fact that Sun Pharma is the largest pharmaceutical company in India, more than 50% of its sales are in foreign markets, especially in the USA.

Sun Pharma spends about 10% of its annual profit on research and development at the SPARC. This is an advanced research center, one of the largest in India and engaged in the synthesis of organic chemistry, pharmaceutical substances and new dosage forms.

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