Impotents who are they and how do they become

Family life is full of surprises - both pleasant, and not so. Sometimes there are situations that knock out all members of the family from the usual rut. This is how the problem of male impotence is perceived.

Any couple may have a question about what to do if the husband becomes impotent. The first thing is to understand this unpleasant moment and clarify the psychological factor of the problem. It is possible that his impotence manifests itself only in relation to his wife.

Impotents - who are they? This question can be safely answered that these are men who have sexual dysfunction, because of what they are not able to perform sexual intercourse and achieve ejaculation. The cause of this phenomenon can be anything, but often it is worth looking for in a psychological barrier between a man and a woman. After all, even a physically healthy person can not engage in sexual intercourse, if something is concerned or strongly intimidated buy viagra online canada. Usually this is observed once. If a man for a long time suffers from intimate problems, then you can not do without the help of specialists.

Impotence is scary. This trouble can affect any man. Most often, the cause of its appearance is laziness and disregard for health. But it also happens that impotence is a consequence of any disease.

Most of all, people who are not moving are very vulnerable to it: motorists and professional drivers. Prolonged sitting at the wheel leads to a violation of blood circulation and inflammation of the prostate, which threatens impotence. Among other things, the gasoline vapor also adversely affects the body.

To the same category are men with excess weight. The severity of the body affects the heart, joints and muscles of the person badly. But the most ardent enemies of potency are drugs and alcohol. In addition, do not exclude depression, fear or stress.

What leads to impotence? There are several unforeseen factors leading to impotence:

1. Smoking hookah. Scientists from Egypt and Canada, dealing with issues of an intimate nature for more than 25 years, found that the average impotent man often smokes a hookah, which affects the muscles of the male sexual organ.

2. Caries. To the question "How to become impotent?" The man did not bother, you need to visit the dentist on time.

3. Refusal of meat. Vegetarianism is not the norm for the body of men. This is because there is no fat in the plant food that produces testosterone. It is this factor that leads to impotence.

Most of the fair sex do not understand that they themselves make impotents out of their men. What happens in families where men have problems with the performance of marital duty? Let's consider this issue in more detail:

1. Constant criticism from the wife. When a man regularly listens to his favorite criticism in his address, he ceases to perceive her as a woman. Impotents - who are they? These are men who retreat into themselves against the backdrop of psychological stresses occurring in married life. He tries to protect himself from the attacks of his wife and every time she meets with her bayonets. In a similar situation, there can be no question of any sexual attraction.

2. Emphasis on the partner's shortcomings. If the wife concentrates only on what the husband does not know or knows, then his self-esteem suffers a fiasco.

3. Dissatisfaction in the sexual plan. You can not tell a man about all his failures. During intercourse, a man will become afraid of a repetition of a sad experience and will not be able to tune in. This leads to yet another unpleasant moment. A wife should support her partner in any situation, because this is very important from a psychological point of view. If you always remember this rule, then the question, how to become impotent, will disappear by itself.

4. Refusal to care for the face and body. When a woman stops watching her appearance, a man loses interest in her. Dressing gowns and pajamas, a mess in the hair, lack of manicure are the factors that frighten off the husband and lead to the appearance of a cold in the relationship. After all, impotent people - who are they? Psychologically unsatisfied men, before the eyes of which there is no object of lust.

5. Stagnation in development. Ladies who are engaged only in children and domestic affairs, not having their own interests, are perceived by men as an object. A wife must have something personal, and not concentrate solely on the family. Any man is afraid of the word "impotent." Who such these people, we learned above.

6. Refusal of friendship with her husband. How to make a man impotent? Do not communicate with him. If the wife does not listen to her husband, does not speak to him with heart, their communication is only in irony and reproaches, then such a family will not last long. A woman should become a best friend for her partner.