How to prolong sex with a girl

Life consists of ups and downs. This applies to all its spheres. When at the moment of intimacy the man suffers a fiasco, this is an unpleasant incident for both partners. The woman remains unsatisfied, and the partner, as a rule, burns with shame and a sense of inferiority. And if this happens more than once, then the thought creeps inside, whether everything is in order. Therefore, many men are interested in how to extend the time of sex.

The first thing to do is calm down and understand that all people have the right to make a mistake. No one in the human world is perfect. Otherwise, their self-esteem for a long time will have to be persuaded to take the former convenient place.

Secondly, it is necessary to know the peculiarities and differences in the principles of interaction between female and male organisms. How to prolong sex with a girl? Give her more time for emotional preparation, however, like herself. After all, it is widely known that a woman needs a prelude to get maximum satisfaction. It is from her quality that the result of intimacy is largely dependent buy dapoxetine online. It will not be difficult to arrange a romantic atmosphere, pay due attention to preliminary caresses, show maximum of your own imagination.

This helps not only to improve qualitatively sex, but also to learn more about the partner's preferences. After all, a woman reveals herself in full at the moment of intimacy. It is also a proven fact that the emotional connection is very important for the satisfaction of the girl. As they say, an orgasm in a woman occurs in the head. A man should try to penetrate her thoughts, of course, not in a literal sense, because the result of hard efforts will not keep you waiting. The game is worth the candle.

Barrier method of contraception. Specific ways to extend sex are based on research in the field of sexology, practical experience, as well as statistical data obtained through mass surveys.

When premature ejaculation occurs, an effective method of prolonging the process is to use the barrier method of contraception, that is, a condom. This will reduce the sensitivity of the glans penis due to constriction, and also serve as a reliable protection against possible diseases transmitted by this way. Here's how you can extend sex without resorting to any special techniques.

There is also a certain technique called compression. Its essence is as follows. As soon as the moment of the eruption of the seed is felt, it is necessary with two fingers, most convenient for the large and index, to squeeze the penis under the bridle from both sides.

This will temporarily limit the flow of blood, as a result of which the duration of the sexual intercourse will increase. Such a maneuver can be performed not only independently, but also with the help of a partner. At the time of compression, you can simultaneously stimulate the erogenous points of a woman. Thus, it is brought under a moment of orgasm. And when the heat reaches its maximum, complete the work begun.

A more radical technique is tying. Despite the danger, many men use this technique. The essence of the method lies in the direct tying of the scrotum with a ribbon or cord. Sperm, therefore, simply does not enter the ducts.

How long to prolong sex? Regular training is an effective technique. To tone the muscles of the perineum can be abbreviations of the corresponding area in an amount of 15 repeats twice a day. A week later, the result of training will show the proper effect. During intimacy, when ejaculation is on the way, the muscles of the perineum should be compressed as much as possible. This will not only give the partner the opportunity to reach the condition, but will also enjoy the tremendous sensations. After all, with the tension of this group of muscles, the penis becomes even harder.

Other methods. How to extend sex to a man, surely knows athletes. Common and useful for the body as a whole - push-up. The outflow of blood from the genital organs greatly prolongs the period of intimate proximity. Many men argue that an effective way to contain the moment of ejaculation is to urinate immediately before intercourse. However, there are those who hold the opposite opinion. That is, in the toilet in a small way, on the contrary, it is by no means worthwhile to walk. Many argue that this not only increases the duration of sexual intercourse, but also contributes to more vivid sensations.

How to prolong sex? Experienced ladies and macho argue that the most effective way is its enviable frequency. And in this there is some truth. The fact is that the flesh becomes less sensitive to stimulation. To some extent, this can be called training. Together with this, if you do not give sexual desire to accumulate, then the duration of sexual intercourse will really increase. However, this may diminish the brightness and completeness of sensations. But if you choose between the duration, the quality of the sexual act and the strength of orgasm, of course, it is wiser to stop on the first option.

The principle of stopping. How to prolong sex? The principle of stopping is also an effective method. When, during intercourse, a man feels the approach of the moment of ejaculation, he should take the penis out of the partner's vagina and squeeze it for a few seconds. At this time, the maximum attention should be given to the stimulation of the partner. When the urge to ejaculate disappear, the process can continue. This technique allows not only to increase the duration of sexual intercourse, but also to enhance sexual sensations. Orgasm after such reception differs by force and brightness.

Breath.The right breathing helps to control the degree of one's own arousal. Inhalation and exhalation in the process of sexual intercourse should be done as deep and lingering as possible, and only through the nose. When the eruption moment is approaching, the vagina should not end up completely, stop in this position for a couple of seconds, and then continue the movement.

Exercises. How to prolong sex? A good and very effective way is a set of several exercises that should be performed directly during intercourse. At the time of the first entry into the vagina, it is necessary to stop immediately after penetration and wait until the first wave of increasing excitation subsides. The same should be done during the second pass of passion. At the moment of calm it is necessary to continue the intimate caresses of the partner.

Thus, she will be excited to the right degree, and will soon be ready for the test of orgasm. Then stop before the immediate moment of ejaculation. Applying this technique, you can guess that the orgasm happened simultaneously with both partners. Such receptions allow a man to control the whole process, as well as his own feelings. The feeling of power over the situation gives its advantages.