Symptoms and causes of thyroid enlargement

There are many reasons for the thyroid enlargement. The culprit of pathology can be both a problem in the organ itself, and other diseases that negatively affect the state of the thymus gland.
Diseases associated with the thyroid gland are found almost everywhere, before it, women and children are more powerless.
The disease can be both congenital and acquired. In the first case, the child receives a “legacy” increase in the gland from the mother who suffered from hypothyroidism during pregnancy.

In adolescence, when hormonal imbalance occurs, a temporary problem with the gland that goes away after puberty may appear. Doctors conducting prophylactic examinations of schoolchildren are recommended to be seen by an endocrinologist in the detection of pathology.

Symptoms of thyroid enlargement
The first sign of a thyroid problem is a thickening, tubercle on the front of the neck.
The timbre of the voice can also be disturbed, hoarseness, painful swallowing appears.
But It is worth noting that the disruption of the thyroid does not always show a certain symptom.
Initially, a person feels weak, suffers from memory loss, distraction. Enlarged thyroid makes breathing difficult.
Adults need to pay attention to the child’s performance at school, often in adolescence, when hormonal levels are disturbed, the student begins to fall behind in school, and the reason is not always laziness, but problems with the thyroid gland.
Causes of thyroid enlargement
In European countries have long paid attention to thyroid problems associated with iodine deficiency. The authorities successfully fight against the disease and take all measures to ensure that children receive the dose of iodine necessary for the body.
Iodine deficiency in the body is not the only reason that causes problems with the thyroid gland:

pathology may be due to the appearance of benign or malignant neoplasms, injuries in the anterior part of the neck, problems with the pituitary gland, etc .;
for the treatment of thyroid disease, you must consult a qualified endocrinologist, who will prescribe a comprehensive treatment of the disease;
all foods are prepared using iodized salt, prophylactic treatment is carried out with iodine preparations;
also the state of thyroid depends on lifestyle.
Bad habits are destructive – smoking, alcohol, fatty foods, excessive amounts of sweet food.

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