Skin fungus infection

Mycosis, or skin fungus – is an unpleasant disease that occurs due to the ingress of specific fungal microorganisms onto the body parts. Their life activity causes a person a feeling of discomfort. This disease can appear on any part of the body: on the feet, palms, nails, head and other areas of the skin.

This disease occurs for various reasons. First, infection can occur due to external factors. In this case, fungal microorganisms penetrate through damaged skin areas, microcracks or injured nails. Usually this can happen in a sauna, bathhouse, swimming pool, visiting. Also, a person can become infected if he does not use his personal hygiene items, or because of wearing someone else’s shoes. Increased risk of infection with high humidity in certain areas of the body and scuffs, diaper rash, which arise from tight shoes and clothing.

Symptoms of mycosis. After the infection, the fungus begins to develop. Such vital activity usually causes the following reaction on the affected area:

  • Itching and discomfort.
  • Color change (usually redness).
  • Appearance of peeling, cracks, wounds, diaper rash, rash.
  • Fungus causes a specific smell in the area where it is “accustomed.”
  • Often against the background of the development of mycosis weakened immunity. This entails catarrhal diseases and frequent lack of energy.

Similar symptoms or only some of them, they can indicate the fungus of the skin, so, without delaying, contact a dermatologist or therapist. They will establish a diagnosis and prescribe a treatment. If the measures are not taken as soon as possible, the disease will expand. This will result in the skin, nails and mucous membranes becoming deformed. In some cases, internal organs are exposed. Get rid of the proliferated fungus will be much more difficult buy diflucan online.

Diagnosis and treatment. To establish the diagnosis and the nature of fungal infection, visual inspection is sometimes not enough. Usually, the attending physician takes smears and conducts laboratory tests. It may also be necessary to take blood to reveal the general condition of the affected person. The maximally accurate diagnosis can significantly shorten the course of treatment.

Fungus on the skin: treatment by folk methods. Some in addition to the main course are added folk recipes, which are designed to ease the course of the disease and accelerate the healing process.

You can make a pine tincture of cones and needles. To do this, 250 grams of collection is filled with a liter of vodka or medical alcohol. To insist it is necessary in the corked container in a dark place two weeks. The filtered liquid is applied to the painful areas twice a day. This course lasts at least two weeks.

This ointment from the fungus on the skin is prepared from a clove of garlic. It is ground to the state of gruel. In a liter of water poured table salt (25 gr.) And boiled. In the garlic pour a spoon of salt water. The mass is thoroughly mixed and 4 more spoons of water and salt are added to it. This composition smears the affected areas three times a day. Treatment should be continued for two to three weeks. Every 12 hours you need to prepare a new garlic serving, as this loses its strength.

If a fungus is found on the face, it can be treated with ointment, which is prepared from activated charcoal and lard. Pound the tablet into powder, and melt the fat. Mix the two ingredients and apply the obtained ointment before bedtime to the fungus on the skin. Treatment can also be carried out using garlic and onion juice. It is no less effective.

Most often, people have a fungus on the skin of their legs. It usually occurs between the toes, on the feet and on the nail plates. As in other cases, it can be caused by various kinds of fungal infections. As a rule, the disease begins with itching on the feet or in the folds between the little finger and the fourth finger. If you do not start treatment in time, the infection will hurt your nails. Further the disease develops depending on the type of fungus. The skin near the toes and on the foot can peel, thicken and crack. This process is accompanied by unpleasant painful sensations. Nails gradually become infected, they begin to crumble, their color and structure changes. Also, the foot skin fungus can be accompanied by the appearance of blisters filled with fluid under the skin.

Fungus on the skin of the hands can not be confused with something else. Often, it affects the nails, modifying them. They acquire an unpleasant yellowish-gray color. There may appear build-up, thickening and destruction. The skin on the hands of the patches changes color from pale pink to blue. There are also spots of a wet or flaky nature. It is worth remembering that the first signal about the defeat of the skin of the hands by a fungus is an itch.

In addition to medicines at home, you can make foot bathtubs. For this, apple cider vinegar is added to the water. You can also use the essential oil of tea tree, treating them with affected areas. Well if there is an opportunity to lubricate the problem spots propolis tincture. It does not allow infection to spread throughout the body. In addition, to not accidentally put the infection on other areas of the skin, you need to wear clean socks, and only then underwear and clothes.

A sick person should have personal towels, scissors, slippers. After the fungus has been defeated, it is important to disinfect all of your shoes so that you do not become infected again.

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