How to lose weight after forty five years

The World Health Organization openly declares that overweight is harmful to human health. Obesity is non-infectious, but spreads with instant speed. Even a small excess of body weight already leads to numerous health problems in men.

Overweight and obesity of various stages often leads to emotional dissatisfaction and nervous disorders. Often the combination of full people causes a strong underestimation of self-esteem, reluctance to communicate, detachment from the world in the form of isolation or internal conflict. Obese people are more often denied employment. If we talk about posts connected with establishing business ties and occupying leading positions, 70% of those who find jobs are refusing to do so.

Life expectancy is also directly related to body weight. In people with a normal body weight ratio, the chances of a long life are 70% higher than those of skinny individuals. Obese people are only 36% ahead of thin ones. Although research has shown that when losing weight to buy xenical online a small excess from the norm, their chances are increased by another 17%.

Modern food is completely stuffed with a huge amount of carbohydrates. The situation is aggravated by a sedentary lifestyle. The body is tired of processing surpluses and gradually accumulates them in the form of fat deposits, so it protects and reduces energy losses for the decomposition of carbohydrate raw materials. It is important to note that the accumulation of excess fat is dangerous for men. Most of the stored fat reserves are deposited on the internal organs, causing internal obesity.

What is the danger of extra pounds?

First of all, men’s strength is important for men – a healthy, well-functioning sexual system. It is important to note that the production of the male hormone testosterone needs to enter the body in a certain amount of fat. They contribute to the preservation of reproductive and erectile functions.

Nevertheless, the excess of fat in the body categorically does not help a man achieve success in the sexual sphere. Excess fat leads to a violation of lipid metabolism, the accumulation of fat cells in the tissues and around the organs, destroys the healthy course of metabolic processes. This leads to a decrease in the concentration of testosterone, and subsequently to a decrease in sexual desire, erectile dysfunction and in some cases infertility, especially after forty-five years.

Men who are overweight, in 50% of cases are forced to recognize a violation of sexual function. Although fats are needed to produce testosterone, but their excess leads to a decrease in the activity of the male hormone.

Of course, the decisive role in the presence of obesity in men is played by hereditary traits. Scientists have proved that 100% of obese men suffered from obesity one of the parents, mostly it is transmitted through the maternal line. For this reason, seeing the presence of genetic predisposition to overweight, it is necessary to resort to timely precautions and lose weight.

Unhealthy sexual system is not the only consequence of excess body weight. A person begins to suffer from an increase in blood pressure. For fat men at forty-five, the risk of getting hypertension is three times greater than for lean ones.

Diseases of the cardiovascular system, atherosclerosis, diabetes mellitus, various joint problems, thrombosis and thrombophlebitis, lung diseases – this is far from a complete list of serious diseases accompanied and spurred on by overweight.

Be a man: help yourself

Losing weight is a long and time-consuming process. It consists of steps that a person must overcome with desire and determination. Refusal of the former way of life, favorite habits, constant control over oneself is a truly masculine task. Who, if not a man, should force himself to get rid of excess weight and prove his masculine essence?

How to lose weight? Naturally, much depends on the stage of obesity, but more on your own desire. The fight against excess weight begins with a rational diet, exercise, and in severe cases – with medications and even surgical intervention. However, it is always necessary to consult with a qualified expert in this field. There are a number of useful tips for problems with obesity.

Fractional food is the first step in combating excess pounds. Meals should be increased to five times a day. Try to avoid overeating in the evening, and at night to close the refrigerator tightly. Although the individual characteristics of the body or employment can interfere with this routine, then create your balanced meal schedule 2-3 times a day. For example, a dense, full of vitamins breakfast and a protein-rich supper.

In any case, do not starve! Use unloading days. Low-calorie diets can be tried for a short time. But no one gives a guarantee that with such difficulty the lost kilograms will not return again, taking with them a couple more kilos in addition.

Only a balanced and proper diet will help burn extra pounds and not return them back. According to dieticians, in the daily diet of men over forty-five years there should not be fatty, flour, beer, convenience foods and fast food, as they harm not only health in general, but also male power in the first place. In the process of resolving the issue of how to lose weight, it is especially important to drink more water – at least 2 liters daily. Eat lean meat, seafood, fish, vegetables, greens.

In no case should you suppress yourself completely. Twice a week you can relax – drink a glass of beer or wine, indulge in cakes and pork. The effective way is to reduce the portion. Replace deep, large plates with small ones. This is difficult, because the beloved borsch bowl, the second and compote with buns in order stretched the stomach. However, be patient and see that in time you will eat up less food. Heartburn, heaviness, bloating and other unpleasant symptoms of overeating will stop.

Alternatively, you can do it raw food. You make fruits and vegetables, crack the nuts, and the extra pounds melt before your eyes.

Sexual life

A full and regular sex life is important for losing weight much more than it is usually said. This fact was and remains decisive for men. The lack of regular sex adversely affects the physical and psychological state of a person. Most often, irritability, hysteria and nervousness become the first symptoms of sexual dissatisfaction.

Sexual abstinence in men is undesirable, especially this becomes important with age. The older a man, the more dangerous is prolonged sexual abstinence. Male libido is reduced, desire gradually decreases, along with excess kilograms comes laziness and often male diseases of the reproductive system, for example, prostatitis. This risk is particularly affected by men after forty-five years.

Violation of the production of testosterone, due to abstinence, is able to turn even a handsome man with an excellent sports figure into a sluggish, fat muzhichka. To all other diseases of a skin, an inflammation and a rash on the face are added.

A woman who is near and, for whatever her vagaries, refuses a man in sex, is able not only to get a flabby peasant, but also to destroy a family. A strong man with a stable sexuality will look for illegible connections, and a weak man will grow fat and hit himself with alcohol.

That’s why in the process of getting rid of extra pounds, so important is the support of your beloved woman. Do not hesitate to tell a loved one about this. In place of those who have escaped extra pounds, compliments of others will come, and a matrimonial life that will improve in all its beauty will help you to relive the dawn of your initial relationship. In men after 45 years, like women, life only begins, but it needs to live in a healthy, tight body.

For history and self-control, it will not be superfluous to maintain a diary, which will reflect all the successes achieved in the laborious and painstaking process of combating excess kilograms. Men, start to lose weight and unattractive figure right now!

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