Back pain below the lower back

To date, a lot of people complain of various painful feelings, and in particular it concerns the back. These feelings are very unpleasant, because they often literally restrain movement.

Back pain below the lower back is very common in patients aged 30 years, regardless of sex. Some people do not pay attention to it, but sometimes severe pains are forced to go to the hospital. They can be of different nature and have different causes of occurrence and accompanying symptoms, for example, difficulty in movement, weakness, fever.

Very often it appears after a number of changes in the skeleton and muscles, which are caused by various diseases of the spine. These include: osteochondrosis (intervertebral disc disease) and spondyloarthrosis (arthrosis of the intervertebral joints) buy tramadol online. These diseases are the main reasons.

Also, lower back pain may occur due to a tumor of the spinal cord and vertebrae, various infections of the spine (tuberculosis, brucellosis).

The causes of pain may be vertebral fracture, scoliosis, inflammatory processes, violations of blood flow in stroke, with problems in the gastrointestinal tract. Diseases of the pelvic organs and gynecological and infectious diseases can also affect the back.

Back pain below the lower back, its causes and accompanying symptoms can not be ignored, because this will lead to the fact that the disease will progress.

Lower back pain is of two kinds: acute and chronic. The main causes of such pain may be lesions of the spine or nerve endings. Acute pain often occurs with various stretches, and then long muscles in the back ache, because because of spasms in these muscles the movements of the affected area are painful or generally limited. The pain does not move to the groin or legs.

Sometimes there is localized pain in the back to the left below the waist. Its causes can be in the vertebrae fracture, back injuries. This is likely, especially when the bones are weakened due to the disease, then even with a weak injury, a fracture may occur. Displacement of vertebrae in the lower back is one of many reasons after which such pain arises. There is no any mobility of this zone.

Often, acute pain occurs in the facet syndrome, when there is inflammation of the nerve endings at the exit from the spinal canal. There is a so-called radicular pain, but it is not associated with a damaged disc. Also, an epidural abscess may appear, which can cause severe pain. Most often it is a disease of the thoracic department, and it requires immediate hospitalization and even surgery.

If back pain lasts more than a few months, then the disease has become chronic. Chronic pain is not as severe as acute, but it is just as harmful. When people do not take it seriously, it can lead to the fact that it will progress, and it will be very difficult to be cured. Diseases that are accompanied by chronic pain are: tumors, ankylosing spondylarthrosis and deforming spondylosis.

Back pain right below the lower back. Causes

This pain is caused by a disease of the internal organs, the urinary system and the musculoskeletal system. Pain may occur temporarily or be intermittent. Often, it occurs when sitting in an uncomfortable position or with a sharp movement, when trying to stand or sit down. When the pain in the lower back on the right arises periodically, you need to see a doctor. It can become stronger during movement and weaker when the back is at rest.

Can be a serious symptom of back pain right below the lower back, the reasons for its occurrence need to be clarified as quickly as possible. Pain in the right side of the waist can signal serious illnesses that need to be treated urgently. It can also be osteomyelitis, which requires urgent conservative treatment.

Back pain below the lower back in women can be caused by diseases in the field of gynecology. If it hurts both the back and the right side at the same time, it can mean the presence of cholecystitis, hepatitis, pneumonia or other diseases, the treatment of which can not be delayed.

Back pain below the lower back in men may indicate an initial stage of prostatitis, which is easy to get rid of if it is time to begin treatment. To do this, you must first turn to the therapist, who, in turn, will give direction to a narrower specialist.

Back pain left

Back pain left below the lower back is a common symptom, and many mistakenly believe that it is caused by problems with the spine. But to put an accurate diagnosis without examination is difficult. After all, the source of pain can be internal organs.

Pain can be varied: both aching, and acute, and monotonous. The pain in the back to the left below the lower back of the cause can have the following: heart and kidney disease, locomotor system disorders with spinal cord injury, lung and pleural damage, abdominal diseases and even pregnancy.

Very often the presence of excess weight or weakened immunity, which lead to a disruption in the metabolism and thinning of the spinal discs, and can become the cause of acute pain. After all, with physical exertions, the weakened disc is displaced to the left and the back nerves are infringed and their further inflammation occurs.

Also affects the disease of the left kidney, the pain then will be sharp or aching and dull. It is very easy to confuse the kidney pain syndrome with the disease of the spine, because the condition of the organism is very similar. Only a specialist can diagnose and prescribe a treatment that will be effective.

If the posterior parts of the heart muscle are affected, the pain with the chest moves to the lower left side of the back, the left arm and the jaw. The pain can be so strong that only narcotic drugs will help. But they need to be taken only in the hospital, under the supervision of doctors.

Also, diseases of the internal organs can cause unpleasant sensations in the lower back. For example, if the lungs get inflamed, the surface rubs when breathing, which causes pain. Also, the pain intensifies when the temperature rises.

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